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18-Sep-2017 08:14

Each room also has it's own web page on our public groups app, so filling out a description, uploading a great picture, and encouraging followers and gifting can really advertise your group in a great light. Upload a picture : Click the 'pencil' icon at the lower right corner of the default picture to upload a new one.Make it interesting and related to your subject of discussion. Room name : Pick a room name that best describes your activities in about 50 characters or less.CLEMENTINE sticks her sandy/muddy soles right on your noses in a few mind-blowing feet close-ups!Breathtaking industrial nudity, in our best tradition!Please note that we do not allow you to denigrate or harass or name other users in your group title.Subscription level : Your room is free but you can pay to upgrade to get more features (more later) Chat room URL : This is the URL or web address to your chat room. Welcome message : Describe your activities or list any rules or greetings to users entering your room. Category : Your choice of category and subcategory is probably your most important decision. Sub category : Further defines and categorizes your room. If you want a wild west free for all pick an A rating, where anything including nudity goes.Then we have G rated rooms for people of all ages, where you may NOT swear or use foul language, and you must keep it clean on cam.Violating a G rating is taken seriously and you can and will get banned for violating it.

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CLEMENTINE POULAIN's sexy size 37EU/6.5US bare feet are obviously always in sight for your viewing pleasure!

Description: In today's update we are happy to feature a final encore set from the latest photosession starring alt-style, super-tattooed exhibitionist beauty FENICE, who delivers bold & daring topless urban flashing in Venice (Italy) on a hot summer day!

You can enjoy sexy & busty FENICE testing the tough soles of her powerful & high-arched size 37EU/6.5US feet on a gravel path littered with shards of broken glass, showing off her big all-natural boobs with pierced nipples in two different locations, and delivering a blazing hot legs'n'barefeet show while sitting on a bench! Description: In this final encore photoset our gorgeous superstar ELETTRA delivers classy barefoot erotica in her hotel room in Bologna (Italy).

By popular demand, the star of the BAREFOOT NUDITY EUROPEAN TOUR 2017, the gorgeous CLEMENTINE POULAIN, is back for an exciting encore!

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In this photoset (31 pictures), super-tattooed CLEMENTINE is stark naked in an active sand quarry in the Southern Hessen region of Germany!

If you find it hard to control yourself or your room, a G rating is probably not your best choice.