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Soon, Tanya came for Bibi and Anne, with the notion their mothers had arrived. " she said and passed between Bibi and me to wash her hands. "Thanks for coming, Mom," she smiled and planted a little kiss on her mother's lips.As Maria had done earlier, the girls wrapped a Pareo around themselves as not to shock their mothers with their nudity. " She didn't run around the subject of nudity, that's for sure. She wore a white cotton vest with buttons, a denim skirt and a pair of heeled, leather sandals. In the meantime, Anne's mother showed that dressing rooms were a familiar place to her, or so I read from the way she was undressing.As always, all persons have reached the age of eighteen years or more since they were born. Many thanks to oldnakeddad for editing and proofreading this story and making it more readable.English is not my first language so it may have otherwise read as if you were listening to somebody from a foreign country.It was a beautiful sight to see Maria's mother walking towards us between her daughter and Tanya!She was almost as tall as her daughter but, most of all, we noticed the same liveliness and enthusiasm radiating from her face.We knew she, together with Tanya, was welcoming her mother and they would introduce Nature's Ally to her and guide her to the dressing room.

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Together, with her friend Tanya, who owned the nudist camp, and a group of girls, they had organized a nude Father's Day event.

Unlike Bibi, Maria had told her parents about the place where she would take her father, afraid that, if he didn't know ahead of time, he would turn around after finding out they had to get naked.

By telling him in advance, he'd understand how much it meant to her and he'd have time to decide.

Some non-members, like myself, were invited to join and get acquainted with life at a nudist camp.

At the end of a very special day, during which the love between us fathers and our daughters created a whole new universe, we stayed for the night.

We were sitting the same as we were at the first meeting yesterday morning, father - daughter - father - daughter, etc., with one exception.

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