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17-Sep-2017 20:56

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My family will never be ok with being naked around the house so every time I'm home alone I...

When I was 15 my mother got her first my parents left for work before I left for school and I remember that first time I stepped out of the shower naked alone and unobserved. I just loved how it made me feel free and sensual...every day... When I'm home, I'm already nude, but if I wasn't a nudist I would still be sure to be clothesfree when I meditate.

They live in a secluded location so it gives me lots of opportunity to be naked outside... But I have builders in and out doing works, so I'm swaddled in sweaty textiles :( Every person who goes nude is saving on washing, detergent and wear and tear on clothes.

Everyone should do it :) I've perused several stories on the site so far, and most of the guys immediately turn to sex.

Anyway he went away for the week on business and gave me a key to his house.

and well being you get when you remove your clothes has to be experienced by everyone. At my parent's house I am quite often alone and spend as much of this time as possible naked.

Naked saves money and saves natural resources in... When it's windy, I open all the windows and let the breeze cool me down, but usually it's way too hot for clothes!Last weekend I (Val Midwest) had a bachelor party in Emerson Nebraska and the guys at the party went crazy.They were very drunk and threaten to kill me, they tried to keep me against my will, slashed my tires, chased me to my car and shot guns off as I was leaving (I can't prove they shot at me).They did absolutely nothing to them and then today I find out the main Sheriff that was pretending to help us (Sergeant Garrieth Cash Klienberg) is friends with the main guy who tried to hurt me (Andy Sebade) they are even Facebook friends.

The sheriff kept saying there were more of them and so it was just my word against there's so he could do nothing.The connection between self and Universe is much stronger and brings more clarity when you are naked. I just learned that my very conservative brother is now going naked at home.