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12-Sep-2017 07:53

'They've cleaned the place up,' said Zach Curry, a homeless man who has been living in Utah's capital city for the past 10 years.

In one of the videos, one large spot of light soars through the air before it breaks off into several smaller spots of lights.

Hundreds of homeless people in Salt Lake City have mysteriously vanished over recent weeks and residents are baffled as to why.

Following a police operation conducted in mid-August, Utah's capital city has seen its down and out dwindle dramatically.

A second video, however, shows at least four lights flying through the sky, all a similar size and shape and going roughly the same speed.

Based on descriptions, Patrick Wiggins, the NASA Ambassador to UTAH, told FOX 13 that the lights might have come from a satellite that broke up in orbit.

The result saw about 2,200 people in the region go without shelter on any given night, according to The Guardian.