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The colour and clarity of the solutions, as well as their p H, were also monitored on each sampling day.All samples remained clear for the duration of the study; they had a slight yellow colour that darkened over time, and there was an increase in p H.Solutions (10 mg/m L) were stable for 24 h when stored at 23°C after being frozen at −20°C for 30 days.3 Similarly, Faouzi and others4 found that solutions prepared in D5W were stable for 24 h at room temperature and 48 h at 4°C.Cefazolin stored at 4°C was stable for 30 days according to analysis by high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC).5 In the only report found in the literature regarding cefazolin sodium diluted in NS (50 mg/m L), the solution was packaged in plastic syringes and was assigned expiry dates of 22 days with storage at 5°C and 7 days with storage at 25°C.6 This study was undertaken to generate physical compatibility and chemical stability data for cefazolin sodium prepared in D5W, NS, or sterile water for injection after refrigerated storage plus an additional 72 h storage at room temperature.Colour and clarity were monitored at each sample time under illuminated 4× magnification.Samples were observed against a black background for particulate matter and against a white background for any change in colour.

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Les solutions reconstituées de céfazoline (100 ou 200 mg/m L) ont été conditionnées dans des seringues de polypropylène.Solutions diluted with sterile water for injection and stored in polypropylene syringes retained at least 94.5% of the initial concentration after 30 days of refrigerated storage and at least 92.1% after an additional 72 h at room temperature with exposure to light.Samples diluted in D5W or NS and stored in PVC minibags retained at least 95.8% of the initial concentration after 30 days of refrigerated storage and at least 91.8% after an additional 72 h at room temperature with exposure to light.Dinel and others1 performed a quantitative microbiological analysis on solutions packaged in PVC bags and assigned a 24-h expiry period with storage at either room temperature or under refrigeration.

Gupta and Stewart2 reported that solutions packaged in PVC bags were stable for 5 days at room temperature and 24 h under refrigeration.Les solutions plus diluées (20 mg/m L ou 40 mg/m L) ont été préparées dans du D5E ou de la SP et conditionnées dans des minisacs de PVC.

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